About being a Participant

We are members of ICO and we abide by MRS codes of conduct. We will look after your personal data and will not share personal and contact details with clients. We will never sell your data. We only share your first name and the answer to screener criteria with our clients, and only the projects you have signed up for.


When a company has a new idea or a product/service they want to keep evolving or launch to market they will conduct market research. 

Market research might be aimed at getting the opinions of current customers or potential customers. It can consist of a one to one interview, a group discussion called a focus group, online surveys, in home product testing or mystery shopping to name a few. Companies use the insights they gain from the participants to further develop or promote there product or service.

Clients come to Opinion Hub to find suitable participants fitting there criteria’s to take part in a variety of projects.


If you enjoy taking part in market research maybe you would enjoy recruiting others to take part? We are looking for out going, friendly, articulate individuals to join our team of recruiters, interviewers and supervisors across the UK. Depending on your skills and capabilities this could be on a permanent or temporary basis. Self employed or an ad hoc basis. Full training given.

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Each project offers a different incentive. Generally we offer £30 – £80 BACs or Amazon voucher or Love2Shop voucher as a thank you gift however this will be clear upon sign up.

Payments are made within 14 days unless otherwise agreed upon sign up.

To receive your payment you must complete all parts on the research project in full and on time.